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Who We Are

For those of you interested in therapy with the Institute for Transformation and Change we would like you to know we are doing telehealth therapy at this time. Please call 510-268-8544 to schedule an appointment.

We are doing in-person appointments along with telehealth.


Meeting you where you are and helping you realize your potential, setting and achieving your goals;


Helping those of you who have been injured by challenging life circumstances, traumatic experiences, or every day life issues by helping to bring you back toward a sense of integrity and wholeness in mind, body, and spirit;


Working to help you reduce the impacts of stress and anxieties and bringing you to a place of overall mental health and ease.

Places to get started

A Safe Place to Help You Feel at Peace

Our experienced staff of licensed and trained professionals is ready and available to assist you with your mental health goals. We are pleased to be able to offer services in English, Spanish, and Arabic and look forward to working with you. Contact us today to see how we can help you move toward growth, wholeness and wellbeing.

Ready to chat?

Please contact me today to schedule a free 10 min. consultation either by telephone (510) 268-8544 or email. All inquiries returned promptly, typically the same day depending upon schedule. Or, if you’re ready to begin your journey click on the request appointment button.

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