Depression and Vitamin D

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“It is estimated that 7 out of 10 Americans are deficient in vitamin D. This vitamin is important for healthy teeth and bones and for over all good health. Now, there is evidence that vitamin D deficiency is accompanied by depression. Language here is very important because the findings do not suggest a causal relationship between depression and vitamin D deficiency. However, there seems to be a correlation and that means that, at the very least, they occur together.

Sonal Pathak, MD is an endocrinologist at Bay Health Endocrinology in Dover, Delaware. She conducted a small study of three women who suffered from low levels of vitamin D. All three also suffered from varying levels of depression. The women received vitamin D therapy for eight to ten weeks. Not only did their vitamin levels increase but their depression significantly decreased. For example, one woman went from severe depression to mild depression. Another woman improved to the level of mild depression and the third woman also improved.

According to Dr. Pathak people who have depression are at high risk vitamin D deficiency because they stay at home, indoors and do not exercise. This is why she suggests that, if someone is being treated for depression, they have their D levels tested.”