Marisol Reyna

Marisol Reyna is a bilingual Spanish-speaking therapist who specializes in work with “at risk” families. She has extensive experience working with under served populations who are overcoming domestic violence, sexual abuse, gender issues, migration and trauma.

Before immigrating to the US, Ms. Reyna practiced psychology in her native county of Panama as a clinical psychologist. She brings over 20 years clinical experience working the fields of mental health and social justice. She has published on the subject of domestic violence and worked extensively with the Panamanian Ministry of Health to plan and impalement domestic violence mental health programs.

Ms. Reyna has an impressive clinical and social justice resume of work both within Panama and the US with domestic violence and child abuse. She has significant experience working with children and families referred for treatment from Children and Family Services.

Marisol Reyna is a Panamanian Psychologist. She has been working with women in crisis situations throughout the 1990’s. In 1994, she began working with Centro de Mujeres contra el Maltrato (CEPAM). At CEPAM, Ms. Reyna serves as a therapist to women and children in crisis stemming from domestic abuse. In the early 1990’s Ms. Reynal was a co founder of the first Domestic Violence Center on her home Country Panama. As an important part of CEPAM she develop, program and implemented the emergency responses program for woman and children who overcome Domestic Abuse and Sexual Abuse. Ms. Reyna supports the creation of self-help groups, preparing and presenting training to NGO’s and government groups, and working in CEPAM’s research center on programs and projects relating to the impact of domestic violence on children. She attended UC Davis GGI Program as an international visitor. During her stayed she a research and develop an educational program, which seeks to assist children witnesses to domestic violence and develop educational outreach programs to heighten the awareness in Panama of domestic violence.

Ms. Reyna may be new to the Bay Area but she is not a stranger to the domestic violence education and intervention movement. Panamanian by nationality and of Indigenous Ngobe Bugle line- age, she has authored, designed and implemented national domestic violence programs in Panama serving battered women.

At The Center For Transition And Change Marisol Reyna is the co founder of this new vision to serve the Latino community on the East Bay.