What is therapy?

Our most common answer to this question is that therapy is a process through which our clients can explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences in order to challenge or change any of them that have negatively affected their ability to live a rich, full life. We also say that therapy helps people develop more effective ways of interacting with others and the world in general.

Therapy provides people with the opportunity to consider different perspectives on themselves, others and the world, all with the goal of making it easier to feel good about themselves. It’s not an easy process, but we believe it can be very rewarding.

What are the benefits of therapy?

The benefits of therapy include increased self-efficacy and reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety. In fact, one study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that in just three months, students who went to a psychotherapy clinic were able to reduce their anxiety by 45%.

How do I know if I need therapy?

It is very difficult to say definitively whether or not someone needs therapy. It’s a highly individualized decision which has to be made based on each person’s unique situation and history. However, indications that therapy may help include:

  • Believing that it would take too much energy and time to change certain aspects of one’s life
  • A significant decrease in feelings of self-worth
  • Difficulty navigating interpersonal relationships

If you are feeling out of control with any aspect of your life, then the first step is making an appointment for an initial session. That way, we’ll be able to determine what kind of services you need and whether those services best suit your needs.

What types of problems can I expect therapy for?

While there are many different reasons for someone to seek out therapy, the most common issues relate to mental health and emotional difficulties. Therapy can be a helpful process when it comes to diagnosing and treating a variety of mental illnesses including depression, stress disorders, anxiety, mood disorders, and neurosis.

As a therapist what is my goal?

One of the main goals in being a therapist is to help people experiencing distress or dysfunction in their lives find relevant solutions. In order for that to become possible, we have to establish a safe space where people feel free to share their thoughts and emotions without feeling judged or criticized. It’s important that this space is created so that we can be more open with each other and explore how certain feelings

What can a therapist help me with?

A therapist can help you navigate difficult experiences and emotions, break through patterns of avoidance or denial, improve understanding of oneself and others as well as problemsWhat can a therapist help me with?